Thursday, 25 April 2013

Weekly Wrap up 26th April 2013

Another week of great posts all things photographic
Here are my favourites.

Great candid series of Dr Martin Luther King
Start of the Margaret Olley Art centre in Murwillumbah
My son's brilliant underwater shots
Great Galaxies photos 
How to take pictures from the Space Station by Chris Hadfield
Maybe a way to make money from your photos
Some great macro shots from Dmitriy Yoav Reinshtein
A new set of filters to get that Instagram effect on a DSLR
Amazing series of pictures shot in Mexico of people in the back of their utes.

Photo: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his daughter Yolanda. Atlanta, 1962.

The scene is not unusual: a father is telling his daughter that she will not be going to an amusement park. But he is doing so not because it is a school day, or...See More
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I am now printing my photos! If you would like to purchase any of my photos dont be afraid to inbox my page or email me, i do a variety of styles and sizes! Spread the word around! Would appreciate the support!
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We're sure you have a bunch of images just sitting on a harddrive somewhere collecting figurative dust. Here's how you can make more money from your image library:

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Have a look at these stunning macro shots by photographer Dmitriy Yoav Reinshtein - ^NT
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